Interactive Cabaret Magic

Equador The Wizard has developed an interactive magic cabaret show that can easily be adapted to suit the clients’ needs. Whether a corporate event or a private birthday party, this show is perfectly suited for an upbeat casual atmosphere. Equador combines light comedy with fantastic magical illusions, music and volunteers from the audience to create a performance that all guests enjoy together. The show itself can be any length from 2 to 20 minutes and can include a magically appearing birthday cake.  


This performance was filmed at a garden party. The client had requested the length to be 15 minutes. The show can be any length from 2 - 20 minutes long.    


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In the above video there is an optical illusion using a spinning disc. The following video gives you the experience that the audience had while watching Equador’s show.


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Equador The Wizard - Interactive Magic Cabaret ShowEquador The Wizard - Interactive Magic Cabaret Show - Garden Party





"Wow, you are 'weally' good!" Jonathan Ross

"My experience of Equador The Wizard has shown me that he's truly a close up magic master." Raj Virdi (Magic Circle)

"Equador has a unique ability to connect with and mystify his audience." Kate Winslow (Festival events manager)

"Oh my God! Do that again..." Russell Brand

"How the f*** did you do that? That's impossible!!!"  Jade Goody

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"It's magic Jim, but not as we know it!"

The magic you will experience with Equador is a well chosen mixture of card sleights, vanishing and appearing objects and levitations to name but a few. The unique performance you get will have you laughing, bemused and entertained.