Close-up magic

Equador The Wizard Performing at The Tassel Club, London


Equador The Wizard is a highly accomplished close-up magician. He holds residencies at the prestigious Brompton Private Members Club in South Kensington, The Egg Club in Kings Cross, The Tassel Club near Liverpool Street and Club Pedestal in Vauxhall. He is used to performing to people in various settings and from all walks of life from corporate events to children’s parties and from celebrities to local communities.  



Equador uses empathic psychology to unite and uplift his audience in wonder and laughter.


When booking Equador The Wizard, you are assured to experience a wonderful array of magical illusions that have been honed to perfection; these range from tricks with everyday objects to magic with the obscure and delightful. For example, you’ll experience everything from classic card tricks to mind-reading phenomena, disappearing objects to flash re-appearances, as well as mind-blowing levitations and the ever popular multiplying money illusions.



"Wow, you are 'weally' good!" Jonathan Ross

"My experience of Equador The Wizard has shown me that he's truly a close up magic master." Raj Virdi (Magic Circle)

"Equador has a unique ability to connect with and mystify his audience." Kate Winslow (Festival events manager)

"Oh my God! Do that again..." Russell Brand

"How the f*** did you do that? That's impossible!!!"  Jade Goody

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"It's magic Jim, but not as we know it!"

The magic you will experience with Equador is a well chosen mixture of card sleights, vanishing and appearing objects and levitations to name but a few. The unique performance you get will have you laughing, bemused and entertained.