Equador The Wizard Boylesque

So what is Boylesque?

“Boylesque is like Burlesque, only with boys and only 1 tassel.”

Well that’s not strictly true, but it sounds good.      

Burlesque actually means to make a parody of something and has developed into taking one’s clothes off to music in a themed and humorous manner.  


Equador The Wizard has a few “Boylesque” shows, though the 1 he’s most famous for is his magic, comedy, boylesque, dancing, strip show!  

A rip-roaring exuberant rock ‘n’ rollercoaster of dance, magic and naked wizardry.    

In 2009 Equador won best new male at the London Burlesque Festival and was then awarded silver in The Male Tournament of Tease and most recently awarded Male Performace Artist of the year at The Erotic Awards 2011. Since then Equador has headlined cabarets all over the UK and holds residencies with Hotel Jarratelle in Belgium and Lady Beau Peep's League of the Extraordinary in London.  

Although the show does involve male stripping, it is much more about the entertainment and wow factor.  

The classic line from men is often “I’m not gay, but I f***ing love that guy”   

Equador once had a girl come up to him after the show and say, “I’m a lesbian; I think men’s bodies are horrible, but you’ve got the best arse I’ve ever seen!”  


Equador has packed all that is possible into 10 minutes creating a “blink and you’ll miss out” factor that continually excites and uplifts the whole audience.  


If you want your night to finish with a big bang that everyone will remember for years to come, then this show is the 1 for you.  


NB. If you are concerned about mess, then a shorter clean 7 minute version is available. Please see videos. Also, the long show can be performed with just confetti and no water. 



This video is of Equador performing the 11 minute version of his main Boylesque routine at the London Burlesque Festival 2010 on the main stage at Scala, Kings Cross, London.   





NB. If the above video is not loading, please click on the link below.

The above version of the show used 750 ml of water sprayed from a bottle onto Equador as well as lots of white paper confetti. It is easily cleaned up by using lots of “blue roll” (industrial kitchen towel) which soaks up the water and lifts the confetti. A mop does not work well. Alternatively, you can wait till the water dries, then simply sweep up the confetti.   

It should also be noted that although Equador is careful to make sure that he doesn't flash his front privates, if people are behind the stage area and sometimes on the sides, they are likely to get a flash. The "censored" sign that covers the area at the end is optional depending on your needs. It is nearly always worn unless specifically requested.    



This Video is of Equador performing the 7 minute version of his main Boylesque routine. This is the "clean" version where no mess is created, i.e. no water or paper confetti. There is also no chance of private parts slipping out as they are securely clamped inside a rabbit shaped tassel.    


NB. If the above video is not loading, please click on the link below.  



You may also like the clown version of this act. The act is very similar, just some of the music, props and costume has changed. The video below gives you a rough idea, however the act is now a lot more slick.  







A fool's fandango   

This performance is a magical fantasy story about a cheeky jester.  Using a couple from the audience, the Jester uses magic, comic charm, dance and a dramatic change of character in an effort to steel the girl from under the boy’s nose.  <??>     


This show is designed to compliment the above show by being very different. It is often performed at the start of a Cabaret with the above show performed as the headline act.   


NB. If the above video is not loading, please click on the link below.     


Please note that the performance requires a couple from the audience to join in. The couple are usually selected before the performance starts to make sure they come on stage. They aren't told what will happen, but do agree to join in. This prevents the possibility that Equador accidently picks someone who refuses to join in. It’s also vital that there's an area next to the stage that Equador can temporarily take the girl to out of sight of the audience.    




  The conscience body act   


This is a rather alternative 2 minute routine which utilizes body popping/isolations mixed with contemporary dance to examine the idea of thought creating our reality.   


Pictures and video coming soon.....  







"Wow, you are 'weally' good!" Jonathan Ross

"My experience of Equador The Wizard has shown me that he's truly a close up magic master." Raj Virdi (Magic Circle)

"Equador has a unique ability to connect with and mystify his audience." Kate Winslow (Festival events manager)

"Oh my God! Do that again..." Russell Brand

"How the f*** did you do that? That's impossible!!!"  Jade Goody

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"It's magic Jim, but not as we know it!"

The magic you will experience with Equador is a well chosen mixture of card sleights, vanishing and appearing objects and levitations to name but a few. The unique performance you get will have you laughing, bemused and entertained.