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Equador The Wizard on stage

Equador The Wizard’s real name is Equador Zaha. From the moment Equador was born, his family knew he would be a performer, always showing off and the centre of attention.  

At age 5, Equador decided to start ballet classes, which led to modern, jazz, tap, acting and singing. This was where Equador 1st discovered his natural talent for massage, with a long line of girls wanting a turn, he got a lot of practise over the next 14 years of dance training. 

After leaving school at 16 with an “A” in Drama, Equador trained at The Henley College for a B-TEC National Diploma in performing arts. He was the only one in his year to get the highest grade possible in the dance section of the course with an overall Distinction pass grade.  

At age 18 Equador was awarded a £30 000 scholarship to the prestigious Laban Contemporary Dance School in Greenwich. After only a year at Laban, disaster struck in the form of the “Noddy train” in Bournemouth. It crushed Equador, breaking his pelvis and with it crushing his dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Once recovered Equador was back on his feet, running around as a top salesman. He saw it as a chance to perform an act to sell a product. He was invited to join the team of the world famous Marvins Magic at Hamley’s toy store, in London’s Regent Street where he discovered his natural talented for magic. After just 5 months at Hamleys, Equador left to train himself properly and turned pro. There was a time when Equador could be found in pubs nearly every night practising and honing his magical skills for generous tips. Soon he was earning a great living as a professional magician.  

In 2008, Equador performed close-up magic for Chaz Royals London Burlesque Festival and witnessed the newcomers contest for best new UK performer. He loved what he saw and vowed the next year he would win it! 1 year later, Equador entered the same competition and won best new UK male and was invited back the next year to co-host the 2010 competition with highly talented Miss Kiki Kaboom. He entered the 2009 male tournament of tease in Bethnal Green, London and was awarded silver.  Since then Equador headlines cabarets all over the UK and holds residencies with Hotel Jarratelle in Belgium, The Brompton Club in Kensington, The Egg Club in Kings Cross, Club Pedestal in Vauxhall and The Chris Cross Carny Cabaret.  Equador has developed himself into a multi talented performer with acts ranging from Boylesque to corporate close-up magic to children’s entertainment.  

He has performed for household names including British Gas, HSBC, BT, Rockstar games as well as celebrities such as Russell Brand, Hugh Grant, Rolf Harris, Johnathan Ross, the late Jade Goody to name a few.  

Equador loves his job and life so much! He is truly living the dream! You can see it in his eyes whenever he performs or smiles at you walking down the street. 


Equador The Wizard

"Wow, you are 'weally' good!" Jonathan Ross

"My experience of Equador The Wizard has shown me that he's truly a close up magic master." Raj Virdi (Magic Circle)

"Equador has a unique ability to connect with and mystify his audience." Kate Winslow (Festival events manager)

"Oh my God! Do that again..." Russell Brand

"How the f*** did you do that? That's impossible!!!"  Jade Goody

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"It's magic Jim, but not as we know it!"

The magic you will experience with Equador is a well chosen mixture of card sleights, vanishing and appearing objects and levitations to name but a few. The unique performance you get will have you laughing, bemused and entertained.